A sales rep who can actually close.

Strong, yet strategic & measured –
we make a plan, and then we make it happen.

Ok, but how?

We use a simple 4 step process to understand your specific needs and identify a winning solution:

Needs Analysis

We work with you to understand what raw materials products you seek to grow and where. This may include launching new mills or products into the US market, connecting with distributors or end users, or pursuing a new industry.

Identify Possible Solutions

We map out possible new markets & targets that address your needs and review these solutions with you to establish a strategy everyone can agree on.

Deploy Relationships

With more than 30+ years of sales experience in the metals market- we tap into more than 20,000 connections to provide matches between your product and ideal fit buyers, maintaining complete visibility with your team throughout the process.

Connect the Dots for the Win

Once ideal matches have been made, we simply “connect the dots” and bring your mill and new customers together for the win-win-win. We drive and guide the process through trials and beyond as needed.

We might be a winning fit if you are a mill seeking North American representation for:

  • carbon, low alloy, stainless, nickel, aluminum that’s sold in ingots, blooms, blocks, billets, rod, bar, wire.

Sell.Market.Win. is looking for high quality, financially strong, passionate aggressive mills than can service the orders that we will bring.

Our experience can help the right mills find significant sales growth:

  • 30 years national B2B winning track record
  • Over $1B in raw materials sales with connections in all USA major manufacturing sectors
  • Expertise in rebranding & strengthening mill image and presence in the American metals market.
  • True, honest guidance and leadership in the USA market.
  • Over 10,000 sales presentations to USA raw materials buyers.
  • Trade show development & representation.
I’m Ready to Win!